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Anyone who’s spent any time around a gym, organized sports or the beach has given at least a passing thought to the incredible boost they could give their body with steroids. Even seeing bodybuilders on ESPN or athletes dominating at the Olympics can lead the most “honest” weekend warrior to dream about what their body would look like with a little help from Anadrol, Winstrol or one of the many injectable steroids available through illicit or foreign channels.

Of course, most people with any sense quickly discard the idea. Aside from legal issues, thoughts of acne and cysts, shrinking testicles and male breasts, infertility and baldness – not to mention the very real possibility of premature death – shatter daydreams of a ripped body pretty quickly.

It’s no wonder, then, that there’s an enormous demand for so-called “legal anabolic steroids.” These supplements promise most of the body-building benefits of their illegal cousins, without the dangers or side effects. And one of the most prominent companies offering these legal steroids is Crazy Bulk, with 10 different products to meet any need whether it’s bulking, cutting or building strength and stamina. And there are three different ways you can stack Crazy Bulk supplements, giving you an incredible range of ways they can be used.

There’s one big question, though: do they work? We’ll cut to the chase very briefly before getting into our detailed Crazy Bulk review: yes, they do. When used properly, Crazy Bulk results are impressive. But before we get into the company’s claims to offer the best legal steroids, let’s take a closer look at the products, what they do, and how they’re used.


The Crazy Bulk Lineup

Crazy Bulk supplements are divided into three categories because they accomplish (and we mean that literally) three different goals. Some actually work well for several purposes, but the primary aim of each product is to replace specific illegal pharmaceuticals with legal steroids in the three areas important to bodybuilders, athletes and gym-goers.

Bulking Up

This is where C – B really shines, with seven of the best legal steroids on the market all based on sound scientific principles.

D-Bal: This is the “flagship” of the company’s lineup because it mimics the performance of the famous (or to some people, infamous) anabolic steroid Dianabol. D-Bal is extremely powerful and effective in helping the body to retain nitrogen, which is essential for the production of the protein which builds and repairs muscle. You simply take three capsules after each workout to create the ideal anabolic state for rapid muscle growth and increased strength – plus more stamina, drive and focus – without prescriptions, needles or illicit substances. It’s also ideal for stacking.

Anadrole: One of the most powerful anabolic steroids ever marketed was Anadrol. And Crazy Bulk’s legal steroid pills that closely duplicate its performance, Anadrole, does an impressive job of promoting gains in extreme muscle and strength. Just as Anadrol does, Anadrole works to increase the production of the red blood cells which supply an increased amount of oxygen to the muscles in the body. You can’t do long and intense workouts if your muscles tire from lack of oxygen; Anadrole lets you keep going and going, and then aids greatly in recovery. The ability to do massive pumps and go back for more the next day is key when bulking up, and this is one of the top legal steroids that makes it possible.

DecaDuro: When you talk about powerful bodybuilding steroids, Deca Durabolin is always in the discussion. CB has developed a safe and legal substitute, DecaDuro. It combines the best functions of D-Bal and Anadrole, working with the body to retain nitrogen while boosting the amount of oxygen reaching the muscles. It’s the perfect mix to quickly increase strength and endurance for long-lasting and effective workouts, and to aid in fast recovery after a session. An added benefit of DecaDuro is that it helps the body synthesize more collagen, which strengthens ligaments and tendons to further aid in recovery.

Trenorol: Trenbolone is one of the centerpieces of the anabolic steroid stacks that have historically been used by bodybuilders to build huge lean muscle mass while burning fat. Trenorol is the legal Crazy Bulk supplement that can just about duplicate the effectiveness of the illicit steroid without its dangers or side effects. Retention of nitrogen, increased red blood cell production to boost oxygen to the muscles, and minimal water retention all make Trenerol one of the best legal steroids in the company’s product line.

Testo MAX: No one needs an introduction to the importance of testosterone in the muscle-building process, or any of its other enormous benefits to the male body. Weightlifters, among others, have injected the anabolic steroid Sustanon in order to send their testosterone levels soaring.  Testo MAX delivers high levels of that crucial hormone without the injections or the worries of being discovered. Thanks to the 100% pure tribulus terrestris extract that’s standardized to deliver twice the levels of testosterone-boosting saponins (compared to typical over-the-counter supplements), Testo MAX is perfectly designed to be used on its own or for stacks to build stamina, strength and extreme muscle gains.

HGH-X2 Somatropinne: It’s hard to dispute the power of the anabolic hormone HGH for rapid recovery and lean muscle growth; we’ve all seen what HGH has done for elite athletes over the last 10-20 years. HGH-X2 Somatropinne lets you avoid the injections and legal questions surrounding pharmaceutical Somatropin by triggering the release of a flood of HGH from the pituitary gland into the body. It fires up muscle growth, burns fat, and dramatically improves recovery time.

NO2-MAX: NO2-MAX is the perfect addition to any of the company’s legal steroids, whether or not you’re stacking, because it boosts the body’s natural levels of nitric oxide. That, in turn, widens and relaxes blood vessels to send increased flows of oxygen-carrying blood and other nutrients to the muscles. It lets you pump longer and harder than ever, especially in combination with the use of other legal anabolic steroids.



In some ways, bulking up is the easy part of building a perfect body. A lean, cut physique is a lot harder to accomplish because it calls for more than just brute-force reps. Nutrition and the “right” types of workouts are crucial – but the right type of steroid supplements can make all the difference. There are three supplements designed to take the place of popular – and dangerous – steroids used in cutting programs.

Winidrol: For many years, Winstrol (also known as Stanozolol) was the cutting anabolic steroid of choice for pro athletes, so popular because it also helped them bulk up. Company’s legal version is called Winidrol, and it works effectively to lower body fat while retaining lean muscle during cutting cycles. Winidrol allows you to craft the perfect physique for sports, bodybuilding or just showing off ripped muscle on the beach or at the gym.

Clenbutrol: Like its popular weight-loss namesake Clenbuterol, Clenbutrol is able to greatly speed up the fat-burning process by boosting the body’s internal temperature (through the process known as thermogenesis) in order to increase metabolism. That forces the body to use its stored fat to create energy, creating the lean and cut look you’re after. Clenbutrol helps during cardio as well, since it boosts oxygen flow to the muscles.

Anvarol: One more of the legal steroids perfect for cutting cycles, Anvarol is the alternative to Anavar, the mild but highly anabolic steroid often used by female athletes looking to shred fat quickly. Anvarol encourages the body to produce phosphocreatine, giving you the energy to push through workouts to burn fat without retaining water, and is effective for both men and women.

Building Strength

For strength, Company recommends the use of its very best legal steroids designed for bulking and cutting: Winidrol, Decaduro, Testo MAX and Anadrole. As we’ve described in our Crazy Bulk reviews, each provides some of the most important elements of a supplement-enhanced strength program including nitrogen retention, testosterone and oxygenated blood.

All of these products are legal steroids that work on their own. But the best way to gain maximum benefit when you buy legal steroids, as we’re sure you know, is to stack them and go through traditional on and off cycles. You can put together a program using Crazy Bulk ingredients on your own, naturally – but the company recommends three powerful stacks which we’ve checked out in more detail.

Crazy Bulk Stacks

There are three recommended stacks suitable for either four- or eight-week cycles, one for bulking, one for cutting, and their Ultimate Stack for a fast-track approach to the “ultimate body.”

Bulking Stack: This consists of the four most popular and effective muscle builders: D-Bal, DecaDuro, Trenorol and Testo MAX. It increases the body’s nitrogen retention, oxygenation of red blood cells and testosterone by enormous proportions over what you’d get from using just one of the legal steroids, building huge amounts of strength, energy and lean muscle while making recovery a breeze. The stack comes with enough product for a four-week cycle; for an eight-week cycle, two stacks are necessary.

Cutting Stack: All three of the supplements created for cutting cycles, Winidrol, Clenbutrol and Anvarol, are included in this stack along with Testo MAX to supply the body with additional testosterone for fast recovery. It’s the quickest way to shred fat and build lean muscle throughout your cutting, working much faster than if you were just taking a few legal steroid pills a day. Again, there are enough supplements for a four-week cycle in each stack.

Ultimate Stack: Some people just hate cycles and want to blast their way to a ripped, muscular body. For those folks, Company offers the Ultimate Stack with its six best legal steroids: D-Bal, Testo MAX, DecaDuro, Trenorol, Clenbutrol and Anadrole. With powerful supplements for bulking, cutting and strength included, it’s a short cut to the very best Crazy Stack has to offer.

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We focused on the stacks more than the individual products when it came to determining whether these legal anabolic steroids actually do what they promise. And we were convinced. We have no hesitation in telling you that they do – you’ll feel more energy, build strength and lean muscle quickly and impressively, recover faster, and make it through the cutting cycle with fat burning away – and the results are visible in four weeks or less. Even better, the cheaper prices you get by buying the stacks instead of individual supplements cut a substantial amount from the price.

It’s always tough to know whether to believe online testimonials, like the Crazy Bulk before-and-after stories on their website. But in our opinion, the results were impressive, making them the top legal steroids on the market.

Is It Legal and Safe?

That’s the first question we asked before doing any Crazy Bulk reviews. The answer is yes.

All of the ingredients are 100% natural with no artificial flavors, colors or additives, and all of the formulations are pharmaceutical-grade and manufactured in America. No prescriptions are required, all of the products are oral supplements so there are no injections involved, and no Crazy Bulk side effects have been reported (except new, ripped bodies).

Since everything is completely natural, there is absolutely no question about the legality of these supplements. When you buy these products, you’re getting legal steroids – pills that work.

We’ve all been tempted at times by the obvious benefits that professional (and many college and high school) athletes and bodybuilders have reaped from using anabolic steroids. In our view, CrazyB is the perfect answer. You can buy legal steroids online without any risk, any side effects, or any worries. In fact, when you buy from the company’s website you can save a considerable amount over the price of illegal or legal bodybuilding steroids, because they give you one product free for each two that you purchase.

Writing a Crazy Bulk review was actually a pleasure – because we were able to learn all of this information first-hand, while experiencing the benefits at the same time. Crazy Bulk is for real.