What Is Supplements Monkey?

In a nutshell, we’re your go-to Internet online resource for honest reviews of the millions of the health and nutrition supplements available online. (Well, it’s not really millions, it just seems like it.)

In many ways, we’re probably just like you. We’ve gotten totally fed up with all of the fake review sites that have sprung up over the years, claiming to provide “unbiased reviews” of diet and health supplements – when all they’re really doing is praising the products that pay them for positive write ups.

We’re also tired of seeing good products getting trashed by negative “reviews” left by jealous competitors, in obvious attempts to give reputable companies a bad name.

Supplements Monkey Is Our Response

We decided to take action. We created Supplements Monkey to break through all of the online garbage – and provide truly unbiased, real information that our visitors can rely on.

At Supplements Monkey there’s no bull, and there are no pay-for-play fake reviews. We give you the true pros and cons of all of the products we review. If a product is great, we’ll tell you. If it sucks, we’ll tell you that too. And since almost all supplements have both pros and cons, we’ll present both sides fairly.

We don’t publish made-up reviews that are just trying to look honest. You know the ones we mean; when a fake review site is trying to push a product, they’ll include a couple of so-called negatives like “You have to follow the instructions carefully” or “May take 3-5 days for delivery.”

That’s not what we do at Supplements Monkey. If a product doesn’t work at all, that’s what we say. If it doesn’t deliver everything it claims, that’s what we report. On the other hand, if it’s even better than promised we’re delighted to let you know that, too.

How Does Supplement Monkey Review Products?

We believe in common sense, and also believe that our visitors are as smart as we are. We personally test as many of the important and best-selling supplements as humanly possible, in order to give you our unvarnished and honest opinions and results. However, there are literally thousands of products on the market, and we’re not gulping dozens of supplements 24 hours a day. So until we can get to some of the lesser-known products we digest all of the information available on them, so we can provide the best unbiased reviews possible until we can get to them personally.

We also include as much relevant information as possible from other legitimate users of each supplement – since, as they say in the commercials, “your mileage may vary.” Our goal is to present a completely honest and balanced look at every product on the market, so we believe that the more information we can compile, the better our service will be.

Can You Trust Supplements Monkey?

We do everything in our power to earn your trust:

  • Approaching all of our work with scrupulous honesty.
  • Writing each and every one of our reviews from an unbiased user’s perspective.
  • Including honest pros and cons for all products.
  • Never taking payoffs for reviews (or to remove negative reviews).
  • Being transparent and upfront with how we do business.

Ultimately, though, you’ll have to decide for yourself if we’re doing everything we promise. We invite you to read through some of our reviews for products that you’ve already tried – and make up your own minds about whether we’ve been honest and fair.

We’re confident you’ll find Supplements Monkey to be a breath of fresh air in the often-shady Internet review world, and hope you’ll bookmark us as your regular resource for legitimate, trustworthy supplement reviews.

Thanks for visiting!